Beer Can Chicken on the Lifesmart 21" Kamado Grill
For the beer can chicken used the @lifesmartmakelifeeasy kamado 21” grill with @meatheadcharcoal charcoal. And @smokeyourbourbon wood chunks.
Dry brined the chicken with @rasheedphilips poultry rub overnight.
Placed it on the @trompo_king to keep indirect heat on the kamado & keep the chicken up while roasting the side dish. Adjusted the vents & shifted the coals around and got it to 375° most of the cook. Kept my @thermoworks Thermapen handy to get the breast meat to 165°
Lightly glazed it at the end with 2 TSP butter, 1 TSP soy sauce, 1 TBSP @deluxbbq honey & 2 TBSP @madmoosebbq apple whiskey BBQ sauce.
The beer 🍺 used was Citrus 🍊 Mistress @hopvalleybrewing
Recipe from Misty Banchero with @seattlebutcherswife
Kamado grill recipes

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