Honey Glazed Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin on Lifesmart Kamado Grill

Honey Glazed Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin on Lifesmart Kamado Grill

Honey glazed apple cinnamon pork loin ♨️🍎
This was a treat! I’m always thinking about how to have fun with pork loin. I’ll share a video soon. See the recipe below.
This his what I did:

♨️Preheat the grill 300-325°f

1 Pork loin
2 honey crisp apples 🍎
8 cloves of garlic sliced
2 onions 🧅

*Seasonings to make the rub:
1.5 Tsp coarse Kosher salt
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
1 Tsp Smoked paprika
1.5 tsp Garlic lovers seasoning @flavorgod
1.5 Tbsp Pumpkin pie seasoning @spiceology

Spray bottle filled with apple juice
Honey - 1/2 c to brush on top

1. Cut the loin in half to fit properly in your pan.
2. Mix all seasonings above in a bowl & make the pork rub. Coat the loin in the rub.
3. Slice apples thin enough to slide into the pork loin. Cut slits half way down about an inch apart on top of the loin & insert the slices of apple.
4. Slice the onions thin & slice up the garlic.
5. Place the rest of the apple slices in the bottom of a cast iron pan along with the onions & garlic.
6. Briefly sear the bottom of the loins then place them on the cast iron pan on top of the apples, onions & garlic.
7. Spritz with apple juice if it looks dry in spots.
8. Spritz the bed of apples, onions & garlic occasionally and stir to make sure they are cooking evenly around the exposed sides.
9. When the loin hits 120°IT brush the top with honey. It will melt all over the loin.
10. Remove when the pork hits 145° IT and the onions & apples are tender.
*Grill @lifesmartmakelifeeasy 21” kamado - link in bio
*Grill pan @finexcookware
*Thermometer @meatermade MEATER+ link in bio
#baconambassador Pork is good for me & my family. Proudly sponsored by @kansaspork @nationalporkboard
Recipe from Misty Banchero @seattlebutcherswife
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