Make Life Easy launches the Walking Pad. A new innovative at-home exercise equipment backed by patented technology.

MAKE LIFE EASY, A Leading Marketer of Products For Home And Personal Use, Launches 'The Walking Pad'

Plano, Texas – MAKE LIFE EASY, a leading product marketer launches its new home fitness technology named “The Walking Pad”. Make Life Easy is a product marketer specializing in home and personal use appliances, furniture, and massage including brands LIFESMART, LIFEPRO, and eBello Furniture. Categories include Full Feature Massage Chairs, Kamado Grills, Home, and Utility Heaters, Boot Dryers, Fan’s Coolers, Air Purifiers and a complete line of Lift Chairs, Recliners, Motion Furniture, and Sectionals.

The president and founder of the Make Life Easy marketing group, Mike Dolder, says “The Walking Pad” is special. Dolder stated that we started in the fitness world back in 1982 with the mini trampoline and gravity boots.  Back then the focus was getting people a way to work out at home. We quickly graduated to home strength, cardio and treadmills by the late 80s and thru the 90s.

We later switched course to market Hot Tubs, Spas, and relaxation and gradually hit our stride with the categories we now market. Thru all of that and with several product launches under our belt, nothing has disrupted the market like The Walking Pad”.

Like the name of the brand, “The Walking Pad” is an easy-to-use double fold and stow technology that makes it perfect for small urban apartments, young family suburban homes, and small space exercise rooms not to mention under a standing desk in your office, or just folded up for use at the office to take a break from work. Dolder further says The Walking Pad is not complicated; it is not a PELOTON or an IFIT but a perfect portable fitness walking or jogging machine and substitute for people who are unable to go to the club; sit at a desk all day at the office; live in a small space home or don’t have room for exercise equipment. The small size of “The Walking Pad enables them to walk or jog under a standing desk or in their living room or TV room. All of these features increase the range of the demographic.  From 20 to 65 the WALKING PAD provides an easy-to-use easy-to-store exercise product at an affordable price.

The perfect and portable home-size fitness equipment is an innovation of Kingsmith Technology Co., Ltd. Kingsmith Technology Co. Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise founded in Beijing in 2015; whose research and development team focuses on designing portable, space-saving, and intelligent fitness equipment. Presently, they operate two production facilities in Shandong and Xiamen.

Over the years, Kingsmith has developed an independent team to work with professional institutions including Tsinghua University, Beijing Sports University, and Peking University People's Hospital to continue to define a “user first” initiative to make exercise space-saving, easy-to-use yet effective. Since Kingsmith launched the WALKING PAD, 212 patents and counting have been applied for, including 48 invention patents while some products have been exported to 57 countries.

The WALKING PAD comes with a simple app to track speed distance time and can be controlled on your phone or iPad. The company has recorded $15 million in sales in the U.S.A from January to date, and over $100 Million in sales Worldwide. However, the real Debut will be at the CES Show in January 2023 plus the HARDWARE Show in January 2023, and the International Housewares Show in March 2023.

Presently, Make Life Easy plans to add the distribution of fitness equipment via the internet, as well as brick-and-mortar retailers.

About Make Life Easy

Make Life Easy is the continuation of the partnership of Mike Dolder and Lauren Brill that began back in the 1980s with designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing, and branding home products to specialty retailers, cataloguers, online retailers, and mass merchants in North America. For more information, visit, and

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