Smoked Pulled Beef Sliders on the Lifesmart Pellet Grill
Smoked Pulled Beef Sliders
Smoked the chuck in advance, then heated it up to make these sliders.
So tasty!! Recipe for both is below!
Chuck roast:
Season your meat (Used Holy Cow @meatchurchbbqsupply 🐄 )
Smoke at 225°F until internal 175° using @meatermade MEATER+ to monitor temp, spritzing occasionally with apple cider vinegar.
Once the crust is set (about 2.5 hours) place the chuck in the @cambromfg high heat pan with a large onion sliced, 1 sliced jalapeño and 10 cloves of garlic and one box of beef broth.
Cover the pan with the lid (you can use foil if you have a foil pan) or a Dutch oven.
Remove it when you can shred it apart with a fork. Season with a little salt. The onions should be mostly liquified & blending in with the meat.
*** Shredded the meat, let it cook and sealed it up for later into two bags. With a @avidarmor vacuum sealer.
To heat it up again, simply toss it into a warm cast iron pan.
Slice a bag of @kingshawaiian rolls in half.
Spread the meat onto the buns.
Top with cheese. Add a little bit of tangy vinegar based sauce inside.
Brush with melted butter on top of the buns. Place in the smoker at 300°f until the cheese melts and the buns are golden.
@dalstrong omega series bread knife & fish spatula.
@finexcookware skillet & 18” griddle
@lifesmartmakelifeeasy pellet @ griddle combo 
Recipe from Misty Banchero with @seattlebutcherswife
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