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Lifesmart 18 Inch Kamado Ceramic Grill with Bonus Accessory Kit

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If you love the taste of restaurant-style wood oven cooking. Then take it to the next level with the LIFESMART Kamado Grill Series. The Kamado Grill originated 3,000 ago when the Chinese developed a ceramic cooking device. The distinguishing feature of a LIFESMART Kamado Grill is that it is manufactured from high-grade performance ceramics. The ceramic shell acts as a super insulator, which means cooking temperatures can easily be maintained whatever the external weather conditions year-round. This grill's ceramic insulation properties also mean that it reduces charcoal use and provides the perfect convection cooking style. This grill uses lump charcoal, which is all-natural and does not contain the chemicals found in charcoal briquettes. This lump charcoal is excellent for long term smoking and can last up to 8 hours on a low setting.  

The LIFESMART Kamado grill is perfect for low and slow cooking meats, but it can also deliver extra high temperatures, making it perfect for baking bread and pizzas. This 6-in-1 Lifesmart Kamado grill allows you to grill, smoke, roast, sear, braise, and even bake. Take your backyard space to a new level with this all-in-one outdoor cooking appliance. This grill can heat up to 800 degrees, which allows you to sear in the juices professionally while holding the center at your desired rare-medium or well-done finish. It is really the most delicious steak or burger you will ever have.  

Enjoy versatile cooking with the Lifesmart Kamado Style Ceramic 18" Grill.  Featuring 370 sq. in. cooking surface utilizing 2-tiered stainless grill grates. Don’t just grill; bake, roast, smoke, braise and sear! Six cooking styles allows you to make anything from meat to dessert. The kamado shell is constructed from high grade, temperature resistant ceramic.  Adjustable top and bottom vents control and maintain cook temperature. Drop down bamboo side shelves provide a place for grill tools, sauces, or platters. Powder coated steel cart with locking caster wheels allows for easy portability to any part of your deck or patio. Included with this Lifesmart Kamado grill is a grill cover to protect the grill from weather when not in use, an electric starter to aids in accelerating lump charcoal heat up, a charcoal plate and heat deflector. As a bonus, this grill includes a 5-piece accessory bundle with a pair of tongs, a grilling fork, a basting brush, and two spatulas. Take your backyard space to a new level with this all-in-one outdoor cooking appliance. 

Product Features:  

  • 370 sq. in. cooking surface utilizing a two-tier stainless steel cooking grid  
  • Durable heat retaining ceramic construction is perfect keeping the heat in and reducing charcoal usage. 
  • Fueled with lump charcoal (sold separately)  
  • Precision adjustable dual vent temperature controls.  
  • Top & Bottom vent controls slides open / closed for superior temperature regulation. 
  • Includes two bamboo fold-down side shelves, deflector, electric starter, charcoal plate and cover  
  • Versatile cooking great for roasting, grilling, smoking, searing, or baking.  
  • 3-Wheeled Powder Coated Black Steel Mobile Cart with Locking Casters 
  • Pre-Installed Grill Thermometer   
  • Top & Bottom Ceramic Shells  
  • Featured 5-Piece Bonus Accessory Bundle Includes: 
  • 1 Pair of Tongs 
  • 1 Grilling Fork 
  • 1 Basting Brush 
  • 2 Spatulas 
  • Some assembly required. Set up in minutes and start cooking. 
  • Cooking Grid Diameter: Bottom: 14.57” Upper: 13.78” 


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Customer Reviews

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Kevin R.

This grill is hands down an all around great grill, but for the price, probably the best.

Awesone Grill and Smoker

After owning this grill for a few weeks now and cooking quite a few different items on it I can honestly say this grill is awesome!!! I am very satisfied with it


One of the best choices I ever made.... definitely recommend


Words can not begin to describe the culinary love I have for this BBQ GRILL!!!! This is not just a way to BBQ This is a LifeStyle!! Every Sunday I BBQ-ZenOut. The neighbors are envious of the wafting smells. I’ve taken all types of Q to those around my neighborhood. Love the smiles of satisfaction when I find out how much they enjoyed it. These nothing I can say bad about this grill.


Grilling or smoking, this grill does an amazing job. Over the past couple months I've done lots of cooks and it retains heat well and I don't have a lot of trouble controlling temps. I'd definitely recommend this grill and would buy again.