Smoked Wagyu Oxtail Braised in Red Wine Sauce on Lifesmart Pellet Grill

Smoked Wagyu Oxtail Braised in Red Wine Sauce on Lifesmart Pellet Grill

Don’t be afraid of a little cow 🐄 tail. Smoked low & slow this meat is packed with flavor. Yes the oxtail is gelatinous, but after smoking & braising the flavors are rich, velvety smooth. Beef lovers give this one a try. Customize this basic recipe to your liking. I personally like the butcher’s recipe better using a stronger tomato base. 

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♨️Ingredients 5 lb. Oxtail 4 large carrots chopped 1 onion 2 stalks celery 5 garlic cloves 3 Bay Leaves 3 sprigs thyme 1.5 c red wine 1 10 oz can fire roasted tomatoes 1 28oz can crushed tomatoes 3-4 c beef stock salt and pepper to taste *rub AP .

1. Rub the oxtail with AP seasoning. I used all in one @blazingstarbbq 2. Smoke at 225°F until some fat renders and a crust forms. Around 170°F IT. 3. Prepare the braising liquid. Sauté onions, add carrots, celery & garlic until tender. 4. Add the tomatoes herbs & wine. Stir in the beef broth. Taste & season with salt & pepper. 5. Add the oxtails into the Dutch oven make sure they are mostly covered in the sauce. Return them to the grill covered. 6. Open and stir occasionally checking on meat tenderness. Remove when the oxtail is nearly falling off the bone. (Mine took an additional 2 hours. About 4 hours in total smoke time.) I served mine with polenta and this works well with mashed potatoes or rice as well. Cheers!! 

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