Sweet, Smoky Apple Pie Pineapple on the Lifesmart Kamado Grill 🍍

How to make your pineapple taste like a Smokey, sweet apple pie 🍍

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/MOMkjl2HLko?feature=share

📸and recipe from @seattlebutcherswife

Inspired by @bigpaulonthegrill

Using the @trompo_king, I marinated my pineapple slices in @sinfirewhisky out of @hoodriverdistillers in Oregon. I used my @avidarmor USV32 chamber vacuum sealer to keep it sealed and left it in the fridge overnight. I seasoned it the next day with apple pie seasoning from @psseasoning and a little more cinnamon. Then I placed the stacks of slices on the Trompo King on the grill. It was around 350° and I just watched to see it sizzle and brown and get tender. I topped it with a delicious fresh apple cider syrup from @atholorchards and served it to the kids with ice cream & wafers. Super tasty!

 @meatheadcharcoal Wood

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